ginny: on gender stereotypes

This topic came about because of last Sunday’s sermon. Little boys, the pastor said, play with trucks and Army men, and as they play they make noises.  Little girls, on the other hand, play with Barbies and tea sets, and they have whole conversations with themselves.   With a wink and a nod to the men … Continue reading

julie: on gender stereotypes

I’m pretty sure this is the only purely “pink” thing in my house.  There are a few things that are a sort of fleshy color that is close to pinkish, and there are a few cups and saucers in a very old set that have a pink trim, but that’s about it. When I was  … Continue reading

julie: on blue jeans

In preparation for this entry, I googled a couple of things, including “blue jeans and the destruction of civilization.”  I’ve read articles about how blue jeans have done everything from ending the Cold War to being a catalyst for “The Women’s Movement,” as well as contributing heavily to the rise of lawlessness all over the … Continue reading

ginny: on quitting

The inspiration for my blog topic came from ten mile obstacle course/mud run called the Super Spartan that I did two weekends ago.  I’ve finished three of these races, along with a couple of shorter three to five mile ones, in addition to more than a dozen half-marathons, two marathons, and one triathlon. I came … Continue reading

julie: on quitting

I think we have quitting as a topic at least in part because Ginny had to make the intelligent and reasonable decision not to take part in a race last weekend.  It was the right thing, she really had to not do it.  Sometimes it’s hard, no matter what the reasoning, to make something not … Continue reading