julie: on road tripping


It is for me, anyway.   I knew it would be big, but not nearly what it is.  I’m not sure if it’s just me and the way I have to look  at every crumb on the plate or seem to end up hearing not only every word but somehow end up hearing a lot of noise along with each of those words, but this past Wednesday through Saturday was like a condensed small lifetime.

I am always amazed when people go away for twice as long, three times as long, even ten times as long, and come back, put together a photo album and then one evening over dinner, while also discussing other things like what happenned while they were gone and where they might like to go next, they tell you about their trip.  And that’s pretty much it.  Certainly, of course, little references to where they were or things they saw or ate, those things will work their way into conversations and become a part of their repertoire, but so often it seems that  what they left and what they came back to are the same, they just took a break in the middle.  Nothing seems to have seeped in.  Of course, I’m not a mind reader and maybe after the slide shows there always is more.  But even doing the slide show, which is what trying to do this,  one, reasonable in length post on this is like, is proving absolutely impossible for me.   I am going to have to pick a topic within the topic.  But that is also really hard because nothing is ever really separate and I tend to wander off.

And the other thing about picking a topic is that someone will inevitably say, “So that was really what stuck out, was the most important part?”  And that’s usually not true at all.  It’s just usually the easiest to explain, which has nothing to do with importance.  So I have to be careful about it because I saw many people.

I really can’t even do that, pick a topic.  So here is a map, that I can do quickly as long as I don’t try to describe any of the locations.

First I flew to Washington, DC.  Then Ginny picked me up and we drove to New Jersey.  It rained a little which was annoying only because they took my umbrella when I went through security but Ginny said she had two if we needed them.

We got to New Jersey kind of late afternoon, checked into the hotel and then went to a mall.  We had dinner later in the booth part of the lounge part of the Starlight Restaurant and Lounge.

The next morning we went to the city via one shuttle and two trains.  We did a little shopping by Penn Station and then we took a bus Uptown to meet my friend Cathy.  I knew I would know her anywhere and I was sure she felt the same, but I wore my Nardo t-shirt because, well, I am near-sighted now and maybe she is too and who wants to poke your face too close at others and besides, a little advertising never hurts.  We had coffee and nosh.  We went to the Met.  Then she had to leave.

Ginny and I walked around and then had some lunch.  We walked over to meet my cousin by Turtle Pond in Central Park.  We sat and talked.  His oldest son was playing baseball at the other end of the Park and when the game was over both of his sons and his wife met us and we went and had Chinese.  Ginny and I took the subway back to Penn Station and then two trains and a shuttle back to the hotel in New Jersey.

Then next morning we had breakfast and headed to Ginny’s house which is in Virginia but not very far from Washington.  On the way, we got off the highway before we had to and Ginny showed me the house she grew up in and the school she went to and the path she walked to places and where she played baseball.

We got to Ginny’s house right around when we said we would.  Soon after Ginny and her husband left for a concert and her daughter and I talked and ate and then decided it was a good time for a nap.  Later we went out to eat and walked around their neighborhood.

Then next morning we all got up and went to breakfast.  I had an omelet, rye toast,  onion rings (Ginny had a few), lemon meringue pie (Ginny split with me and we didn’t finish it) and coffee.  Then we went to see where Ginny works.

We got to the airport later than we had planned so Ginny was nervous I would miss my flight but I didn’t.  There was a big storm when I got in to Chicago and we ended up sitting on the plane at the end of the runway for over an hour.  I was worried because my windows were open just enough that if the wind blew just the right way it might be a problem and it reminded me that they had taken my umbrella when I left and aside from just that that was kind of silly when they did it, now I didn’t have an umbrella.  But by the time I was off the train downtown it had stopped raining.

I finally got home and my cats did the cat thing:  after I fed them and cleaned the boxes they both found spots, put their backs to me, flipped their tails around every now and then while giving off the “I am not even going to look at you” attitude.

So there you have it.  That was my road trip.

3 thoughts on “julie: on road tripping

  1. Glad your trip went well. Wish you had time to stop in Philly but it is what it is. Perhaps next time and YES I do agree, 4 to 5 days is my max these days and then I am wiped. Hope it wasn’t too hot for you in NYC and what a joy to take the commuter lines to the city but parking and driving there is a bear. Now make nice to the cats and life will go on as usual and you will be much the wiser and have more insight having been on your road trip.

    • Hey Judy! As we went by exits to Philly I told Ginny that I had felt so bad that we couldn’t get to see you. I hope you had a really nice birthday. I actually didn’t even get to see people I really wanted to in NY and in Jersey, but I am for sure coming back that way real soon, so we will have to make a plan when I know when. It is working out well for me just sort of cramming a bunch into a couple of days as I have been recently, I seem to be able to gear up and as long as I keep going, stay going for the time I planned to. Of course I just totally crash out when I get home, but it is SO worth it. Okay, talk to you later and as always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and chat. Have a good rest of Sunday and talk to you during the week.

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