nikkiforshort aka Julie

♣♣♣ I’m a mother.  I’m from the South Side of Chicago.

I’ve  recognized some crossroads in my life and made a choice, others seemed to choose my direction for me.  I have lived in a couple of places along the way, but have mostly lived a couple of very different lives in the same city.  ♣♣♣

I’m Ginny.

I am originally from Northern Virginia and after an extended road trip with a detour or two, I have settled about thirty minutes down the road from my hometown. If I go to the interstate and take a right, I’m in Washington, D.C.  If I take a left, I head out into the mountains and the wineries.  I go left more often than I go right.

I’ve been married for 20 years to Gary.  We have no children of our own, but happily share his, Dustin and Brad, and mine, Ali.

In 1985 we met while working in a pizza restaurant in Chicago.  Though our  “in touch” has ebbed and flowed,  our friendship has always been uninterrupted, our conversations as though we just talked the day before.  In 2011 we began The Project, a year long writing exercise, every month one or the other picking a topic to write to each other about.  This blog is a continuation of that project.  Look for new posts on Sundays!


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