ginny: on bathrooms

Bathrooms. Really Julie?  Sigh. I read once that as you get older you should never pass up the opportunity to use the bathroom.  Since I wasn’t “older” at the time when I read that, I just scoffed.  Now that I am older I see the wisdom in that statement.  My “just in case” bathroom trips … Continue reading

julie: on bathrooms

When I sent the word, “bathrooms” as the next topic, Ginny replied, “ugh.”  Maybe what they say about Jews and bathrooms is true, maybe it’s just me,  but “ugh” about bathrooms?  Okay, yes, there are some that are not so pleasant.  The ones in shelters at beaches, not a big fan,  but it’s the condition … Continue reading

ginny: on bras

I would like to make clear from the beginning that I was thinking about making “clothes” the topic for the week when Julie messaged me and asked me if I would consider “bras” as the topic.  It was close enough to what I was thinking about so I said okay, but I am only claiming … Continue reading

julie: on bras

My entry will be on “the brassiere.”  If you forgot to pack underwear, and you are a man (or woman, not my business) who wears men’s underwear, you can pretty much go to any store, Walgreen’s, Von’s, hell, even Kum & Go, and buy two 3-pcks of either briefs or boxers for under  $20.  Okay, … Continue reading

ginny: on listening

Listening to music. Listening to the ocean breaking against the shore. Listening to the tv on in the other room as a baseball game is broadcast on a warm summer evening. Listening to your baby’s cry at three in the morning when all you want is for her to go to sleep. Listening for the … Continue reading

julie: on listening

Oh, man, okay.  Now I just have to get my post over here and go through it and publish. First I have to have coffee. Now then,  here is my question: Is listening a noun or a verb?  (Or maybe a “helping” noun or verb?) I’m not asking what the dictionary would say if you … Continue reading